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King Shoorsen


1. Shurasena (शूरसेन) was father of King Vasudev(father of Krishna ) and Pŗtha or Kunti (mother of Pandava)

2. King Vasudev and Kunti being brother and sister was one of the prime reason why Pandavas won the Mahabharat War.

3. Shurasena was son of Devamidha(or Devamidhusa), the king of Mathura

4. Shurasena was the ruler of Mathura.

5. The kingdom of Mathura later came to be know as Shoorsen Kingdom in the times of Mahabharat & 16 Mahajanpadas.

6. Shurasena married Marisha.

7. Shurasena had ten sons – Vasudeva, Devabhaga, Devashravas, Aanaka, Srinjaya, Kakanika, Shyamaka, Vatsa, Kavuka, Vasu. He also had a daughter named Kunti(mother of Pandavas)



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