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Samba Jambvati Krishna Shiva


250690_352369878181908_626262225_n1. Samba (साम्ब) was the Avatar of Lord Shiva.

2. Samba was a son of Lord Krishna, the Hindu god, and Jambavati( the only daughter of the bear-king Jambavan. Krishna married her, when he defeated Jambavan to retrieve the stolen Syamantaka jewel. )

3. Samba was very handsome, and dearest son of Krishna. Samba resembled his father Krishna a lot.

4. Samba along with Lord Krishna & Lord Balrama, was Atiratha of Narayani Sena.

5. Samba was married to Duryodhana's daughter Lakshamana, after a battle where Lord Balrama defeated whole army of Hastinapur, which included Bhishma, Arjuna, Bhima, Duryodhana, Drona, Karna and all other Hastinapur warriors.

6. Krishna knew that after him, Yadavas with all their might, would be uncontrollable for the world, So he wanted a Yadava who could stop all the other Yadava from doing unjust things. Therefore he wanted a son like Lord Shiva, because Shiva is the God who even with all his power is always calm, but when it comes to injustice, could destroy any other power in the world.

7. Krishna taught Samba every single leela of his, and made Samba an equivalent of him.

8. After the Mahabharat War, Samba played a crucial role in uniting and controlling the Yadavas who started fighting amongst themselves.

9. Later on Samba and his sons founded the city of Multan(currently in Pakistan).

Birth of Samba

1. Krishna told Shiva that "I want a son exactly like you". Shiva agreed to Krishna's wish.

2. After some time Krishna's wife Jambavati gave birth to a baby, they named him Samba. Samba is another name of Shiva.

3. Samba was an Avatar of Lord Shiva, and son of Lord Krishna. Hence he can be called an Almost Sampoorn Avatar.

Samba the Warrior

1. Samba was Atiratha of Narayani Sena

2. Samba Helped Lord Krishna in winning most of India, including Pragjyotisha, Shonitapura, Vidarbha, Gandhara, Pandya, and the mighty Magadha.

3. Other Kingdoms defeated with help of Samba were the Angas, the Vangas, the Kalingas, the Kasis, the Kosalas, the Vatsyas, the Gargyas, the Karushas and the Paundras, --all these were vanquished in battle through the might of Lord Shiva's Avatar Samba who supported Lord Krishna & Lord Balrama in creating the mighty Yadav Empire.

Samba's Marriage with Duryodhana's Daughter Lakshamana, and subsequent war with Hastinapur

Samba Lakshamana Swayamwar Duryodhana Krishna
1. Lakshmana, who was the daughter of Duryodhana had come of age, and was very beautiful with fair colour, long hair, flawless skin, lean & tall stature.

2. SAMBA son of Lord Krishna & JAMBAVATI, was in love with Lakshamana, and had earlier eloped with Duryodhana's daughter Lakshamana.

3. Her father arranged her swayamvara and many princes were called to win her hand.

4. Samba was sent a message by Lakshmana, who asked him to take her away before or during the swayamwar, and upon knowing the state of affairs, he knew he had to do something immediately.

5. Because Duryodhana had a dislike towards Krishna , Samba knew that Duryodhana would not approve of his marriage to Lakshamana, he abducted Lakshamana in the swayamwar itself.

6. None of the princes who came in the swayamwar said anything, as everyone was afraid of Lord Krishna and Samba.

7. All kurus in the assembly convene a meeting to discuss & decide to attack Samba. Bhisma, Dronacharya , Arjuna decide to attack Samba & Karna is made the Chief of Staff. Fierce battle ensued & finally Samba was arrested

8. Duryodhana forcibly detained Samba in Hastinapura, claiming that Samba was trying to abduct Lakshamana, and refused to let him go.

9. Balrama got to know about this and he camped outside the City limits & send Uddhava as his messenger to meet the Kurus, with a message for Duryodhana to free Samba.

10. Duryodhana was angry and refused to let go of Samba.

11. Balrama declared war on Hastinapura, and when Balrama came face to face with the Hastinapura army, he singlehandedly captured the whole army with his plough. Then he started to destroy buildings in Hastinapura

12. Duryodhana and his army were devastated, and after a meeting between the Kurus, they surrendered to Lord Balrama.

13. Lord Balrama took Samba & Lakshamana back to Dwarka, and freed the Hastinapura army too.

14. Lord Balrama didn't tell anything about this incident to Lord Krishna, because he didn't want Lord Krishna to destroy the Kingdom of Hastinapura.

15. Duryodhana later acknowledged the marriage, and accepted Samba as his son in law.



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