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Krishna at Neminath Marriage Introduction

1. Neminatha was twenty-second Jain tirthankara.

2. Neminatha was born to King Samudravijaya and Queen Shivadevi at Souripur in the Harivamsha clan. His birth date is the 5th day of Shravana Shukla in the Indian calendar

Neminath Was Lord Krishna's Cousin

1. Jains and some Hindus consider Neminath to be the cousin of Krishna (Krishna was son of Vasudev who was brother of Samudra Vijaya i.e. father of Neminath).

Neminath's Marriage

1. Krishna negotiated Neminath's marriage with Rajamati, the daughter of Ugrasena, but Neminatha, empathizing with the animals which were to be slaughtered for the marriage feast, left the procession suddenly and renounced the world.



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