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Yashoda Krishna


1. Yashoda (यशोदा) was wife of Nanda. Yasoda later became the foster-mother to Krishna, who was born to Devaki but was given to Yashoda and Nanda in Gokul, by Krishna's father Vasudeva on the night of his birth, for his protection from Devaki's brother, the king of Mathura, Kansa.

Yashoda & Krishna's Vishwaroopa Darshan

1. Krishna gave darshan to Yashoda with his Vishwaroopa or his Divine Form.

2. Lord Krishna opens his mouth in front of Yashoda who sees the Seven Oceans, the entire Universe with its vast expanse and also Lord Narayana seated upon Adishesha (The Divine Snake), attended upon by his wife lakshmi.

Yashoda's Role in Krishna & Balrama's Childhood

1. Yasoda played an important role in the upbringing of Balarama (the son of Rohini) and his sister Subhadra.

2. She is also sometimes described as having her own daughter, known as Ekānaṅgā.



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