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Akroora Krishna


1. Akrura (अक्रूर) was a chief of the Yadavas, and a descendant of the Vrishni kula.

2. He is worshipped as Shri Akrurji Maharaj, and is also known as Babrhu.

3. He was one of twelve sons born to Śvaphalka and Nāndinī. Śvaphalka was a son of Prsni and Nāndinīa was a daughter of the king of Kashi

4. Akrura married Sutanu, who was the daughter of Ahuka, and with her had two sons, Devaka and Updevaka

Akrura in Mahabharat

1. Shwalpaka, who elonged to the Vrishnivansha married Nandini, the princess of Kashi. Akrura was born to them.

2. He was Krishna’s maternal uncle, and was also his devotee.

3. As per Mahabharata Adiparva Chapter 220, he was the commander of the Yadava army.

4. According to Mahabharata Adiparva Chapter 185, verse 18, he was also present at Panchali’s swayamvar.

5. As per Mahabharata Adiparva Chapter 218, verse 10, when Subhadra eloped with Arjuna, there was a festival in the Raivatha mountains, which Akrura attended.

6. According to Mahabharata Adiparva Chapter 220, verse 29, Akrura accompanied Krishna to deliver Subhadra’s dowry.

7. As per Mahabharata Virataparva Chapter 72, verse 22, Akrura arrived at a town called Upaplavya for Abhimanyu’s wedding.

8. According to Mahabharata Shantiparva Chapter 81, verse 9-11, Akrura and Aahuka quarreled continuously on who was Krishna’s real ally.

9. In order to kill Krishna and Balabhadrarama, Kamsa used the pretext of a Chapapuja that he organised. He sent Akrura to fetch them from Ambadi. Akrura, being a Krishna devotee, warned Krishna and advised him to kill Kamsa.

10. Akrura also fought at Krishna’s side during his battle with Jarasandha.

11. Once Akrura was also sent to Hastinapura by Krishna, Balarama and Udhava to inquire about Kunti and the Pandavas. There, he spent time with his sister Kunti and Dhritarashtra, before returning to Dwaraka. Akrura also went to Hastinapura later as Krishna’s envoy.

12. Akrura married Sutanu, the daughter of Ahuka and Devaka and Upadevaka were born to them, as per Bhagavatha Dashamaskanda.

Syamantaka Jewel Episode

1. The king Satrajit had a jewel named Syamantaka.

2. His brother Prasena once wore the jewel on a hunt. A lion killed him and the jewel ended up with Jambavan. A rumour began circulating that Krishna had stolen the jewel. Krishna got back the jewel from Jambavan and gave it to Satrajit.

3. The king was happy and gave his daughter Satyabhama to Krishna in marriage. He also tried to gift the jewel as dowry but Krishna declined.

4. Akrura and Kritavarma were great friends and they incited another king Shatadhanva to steal the jewel. Shatadhanva killed Satrajit and got hold of the jewel.

5. Krishna and Balarama set out to kill Shatadhanva. The king feared for his life and set off north after leaving the syamantaka with Akrura and Kritavarma. In Mithila, his horse died, and he continued on foot.

6. But Krishna and Balarama caught up with him and killed him, but couldn’t find the jewel.

7. Akrura and Kritavarma heard the news and began to meditate in Kashi. Seven years passed and there was a famine in Dwaraka. Once, when Kashi had faced a similar situation, the king of Kashi had hosted Akrura’s father Shyapalka to end the famine.

8. So the Yadavas opined that bring Akrura to Dwaraka might be a remedy. Akrura was recalled and Kritavarma also came along.

9. As per Bhagavata Dashamaskanda, Krishna and Balarama let the syamantaka remain with Akrura.



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