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Rao Birender Singh Ahirwal Gaurav


1. Rao Birender Singh (20 February 1921-30 September 2009) a scion of Rewari Dynasty was an Indian politician.

2. He served as the Chief Minister of Haryana from 24 March 1967 until 2 November 1967, and also served in the union cabinet.

3. He was the second Chief Minister of the state and first speaker of Haryana Vidhan Sabha after its secession from Punjab, which state he had also represented as a minister at one time.

4. Born on 20 February 1921 in the village of Nangal Pathani, He comes from the lineage of Rao Tula Ram a Yadav dynasty family of Rao Bhadur Garhi-Bolni in the village of Rampura (Rewari).

5. He joined St Stephens College in 1942. After graduating he enrolled in the Indian National Army and fought in the Second World War.

6. He died of cardiac arrest in Gurgaon on 30 September 2009

Political Career

1. He was inducted into the Pratap Singh Kairon Government and held charges of several Ministries like PWD, Irrigation and Power, Revenue and Consolidation etc.

2. From 1962 to 1966 he played a prominent role in establishing the Hindi speaking state of Haryana.

3. After the formation of Haryana in 1966, he was elected MLA from Pataudi constituency after serving as MLC (member of legislative council) for 12 years.

4. He went on to become the 1st speaker of the Haryana Vidhan Sabha.

5. On 23 March 1967, he became the Chief Minister of Haryana.

6. In March 1967, Rao Birender Singh established the Vishal Haryana Party.

7. He was elected to the 5th Lok Sabha in 1971 from the Mahendragarh on the Vishal Haryana Party ticket.

8. In 1978 he merged this party with the Congress.

9. In 1980, he was re-elected to the 7th Lok Sabha and he played a prominent role in the formation of the Congress Government in the centre. He served as Cabinet Minister of Food, Agriculture, Rural development, Irrigation, Civil supply.

10. In 1984, he was re-elected to the 8th Lok Sabha from Mahendragarh and became a part of The Rajiv Gandhi ministry. He later resigned from both the Congress party and the Lok Sabha.

11. In 1989, he was re-elected to the 9th Lok Sabha seat from Mahendragarh on the Janata Dal ticket and became the Union Minister for Food and Civil Supplies in the Chandra Shekhar ministry.

Rao Birender Singh's Legacy

1. He was the greatest leader of haryana, and people in ahirwal regarded him as the King of Ahirwal.

2. By his efforts Rewari was made a separate district in 1989.

3. Apart from his political service to the Nation Rao Birender Singh also served the backward areas of Ahirwal by establishing many educational institutions like Ahir College Rewari, RBS School-Rewari, Rao Tula Ram School- Rewari, Rao Tula Ram Technical College- Delhi. He is the founder of RBS College of Education- Rampura, Rewari.

4. He made his ancestors proud and became another great leader of Ahirwal on the lines of Rao Tula Ram (a most important figure from Haryana in 1857 revolt) and Rao Balbir Singh.

5. His son Rao Inderjit Singh is currently a member of parliament from Gurgaon constituency of Haryana state.



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