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Kritvarma Yadav Krishna Narayani Sena


1. Kritavarma ( कृतवर्मा ) was an important Yadav warrior and chieftain, in the army of Lord Krishna. He was a cousin of Lord Krishna. He was also known by the following names – Anartavasi, Bhoja, Bhojaraja, Harddikya, Hridikatmaja, Madhava, Satvata, Varshneya, Vrishnisimha.

2. He was the son of Hŗidika.

3. He is depicted as a devotee of Krishna in the Vishnu Purana.

3. He was one of the warrior who fought to kill Satrajit, Krishna's father-in-law during the Syamantaka Jewel episode.

4. During the great battle at Kurukshetra, Kritavarma was an ally of the Kauravas (as Narayani sena was with Kauravas he led them) against the Pandavas and led the Yadava army (also called the Narayani Sena).

5. He was one of the three survivors of the entire Kaurava army.

6. He returned to his kingdom after the war and was a leader of Narayani Army.

7. He was later killed in Dwarka during the infighting between Yadav warriors.

Syamantaka Jewel Episode

1. The king Satrajit had a jewel named Syamantaka.

2. His brother Prasena once wore the jewel on a hunt. A lion killed him and the jewel ended up with Jambavan. A rumour began circulating that Krishna had stolen the jewel. Krishna got back the jewel from Jambavan and gave it to Satrajit.

3. The king was happy and gave his daughter Satyabhama to Krishna in marriage. He also tried to gift the jewel as dowry but Krishna declined.

4. Akrura and Kritavarma were great friends and they incited another king Shatadhanva to steal the jewel. Shatadhanva killed Satrajit and got hold of the jewel.

5. Krishna and Balarama set out to kill Shatadhanva. The king feared for his life and set off north after leaving the syamantaka with Akrura and Kritavarma. In Mithila, his horse died, and he continued on foot.

6. But Krishna and Balarama caught up with him and killed him, but couldn’t find the jewel.

7. Akrura and Kritavarma heard the news and began to meditate in Kashi. Seven years passed and there was a famine in Dwaraka. Once, when Kashi had faced a similar situation, the king of Kashi had hosted Akrura’s father Shyapalka to end the famine.

8. So the Yadavas opined that bring Akrura to Dwaraka might be a remedy. Akrura was recalled and Kritavarma also came along.

9. As per Bhagavata Dashamaskanda, Krishna and Balarama let the syamantaka remain with Akrura.

Kritvarma The Warrior: The bull of Yadav Race

1. Kritavarma was a fierce warrior as per Mahabharata Adiparva Chapter 67 verse 81.

2. He was a devout follower of Krishna as per Mahabharata Adiparva Chapter 63 verse 105.

3. He was present at Draupadi’s swayamwar as per Mahabharata Adiparva Chapter 185 verse 18.

4. According to Mahabharata Adiparva Chapter 220 verse 31, he had once visited Khandavaprastha with gifts for Subhadra.

5. He was a member of Yudhishtira’s court as per Mahabharata Sabhaparva Chapter 4 verse 30.

6. He was one of the seven warriors of the Vrishnivansh. The others were Krishna, Charudeshna, Shaineya, Chakradeva, Pradyumna, Samba as per Mahabharata Sabhaparva Chapter 14 verse 58.

7. He was present at Abhimanyu’s wedding in Upaplavya as per Mahabharata Virataparva Chapter 7 verse 21.

8. The Pandavas invited him to the war at Kurukshetra as per Mahabharata Udyogaparva Chapter 4 verse 12. As they were preparing for war, Duryodhana asked Kritavarma for an akshauhini and it was given as per Mahabharata Udyogaparva Chapter 4 verse 32.

9. He once stood guard at the gates to protect Krishna as per Satyaki’s instructions as per Mahabharata Udyogaparva Chapter 130 verse 10.

10. Kritvarma was a Maharathi in the Greatest Army ever i.e. Narayani Sena. He was instrumental in Narayani Sena winning whole of India.

11. Kritvarma, was called as the bull of Yadav Race by Lord Krishna when defining the strength of Kaurav Army to Arjuna.

12. He was such a gifted warrior and a King that Lord Krishna chose him as one of the teachers of Abhimanyu.

13. He was the commander of the “Narayani sena” (नारायणी सेना) of Krishna.

Kritvarma The Warrior: In Mahabharat War

1. In Kurukshetra war, he along with his son Matrikavat (मात्रिकवत्) fought and defeated many warriors.

2. Matrikavat was killed by Abhimanyu and Kritvarma was later involved in the killing of Abhimanyu.

3. On the first day, Kritavarma took on Satyaki in single combat as per Bhishmaparva Chapter 45 verse 12.

4. Abhimanyu injured Kritavarma as per Bhishmaparva Chapter 47 verse 10.

5. Bhishma created a krauncharunavyuha and Kritavarma occupied its mastaka spot as per Bhishmaparva Chapter 75 verse 17.

6. Bhima defeated him as per Bhishmaparva Chapter 82 verse 61.

7. Satyaki injured him as per Bhishmaparva Chapter 104 verse 16.

8. He fought with Dhrishtadyumna as per Bhishmaparva Chapter 110 verse 9.

9. He battled Arjuna, Bhima and Satyaki as per Bhishmaparva Chapter 113 and Dronaparva Chapter 14.

10. He attacked Abhimanyu and killed his horse as per Dronaparva Chapter 48 verse 32.

11. In his battle with Arjuna, he fell unconscious as per Dronaparva Chapter 92 verses 16-23.

12. He then fought Yudhamanyu and Uttamauja as per Dronaparva Chapter 92 verse 27.

13. He defeated Shikhandi and Bhima as per Dronaparva Chapter 114 verse 59.

14. He defeated Yudhishtira as per Dronaparva Chapter 165 verse 24.

15. After Drona was killed, Kritavarma panicked and retreated as per Dronaparva Chapter 193 verse 13.

16. He fought with Dhrishtadyumna and was rendered unconscious as per Karnaparva Chapter 54. He then awoke and went to Dwaipayanasaras to encourage Duryodhana. Yudhishtira followed him there with his army.

17. He accompanied Ashwathama to kill the Pandavas while they were sleeping Sauptikaparva Chapter 5 verse 38.

18. He set fire to the Pandava camp as per Sauptikaparva Chapter 8 verse 109.

19. After the Kurukshetra war ended, he informed Dhritarashtra about Duryodhana’s death and went back to his own kingdom as per Sriparva Chapter 11 verse 21.

20. He accompanied Krishna to Yudhishtira’s ashwamedha as per Ashwamedhikaparva Chapter 66 verse 3.

Satyaki & Kritvarma Battle

1. In the Kurukshetra war, Satyaki and Kritavarma were two important Yadava heroes who fought on the opposing sides.

2. Satyaki fought on the side of the Pandavas, whereas Kritavarma joined the Kauravas.

3. A fight between satyaki and satyajit is described in dron parva of mahabharat.

4. Satyaki and Kritavarma both survived the Kurukshetra conflict.

5. 36 years after the war, the Yadavas, including Satyaki and Kritavarma are involved in a drunken brawl with Satyaki accusing Kritavarma of helping Ashwathama in killing sleeping soldiers and Kritavarma criticizing Satyaki for taking unwarned help from Arjuna against Bhurisravas.

7. Satyaki, Kritavarma and the rest of the Yadavas fought amongst themselves. Satyaki and Kritvarma were both Killed in the infighting between Yadavas.




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