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Gama Pahalwan Fight Introduction

1. Balram Heeraman Yadav was born in 1901. He is one of the Greatest Wrestler of India.

2. Alongwith Gama Pahalwan, Yadav stayed undefeated throughout life.

3. He died in 1964

4. He was given the title of Sher-e-Hyderabad(Lion of Hyderabad) by the Nizam of Hyderabad.

Yadavs Fight With Gama Pahalwan

1. In the 1940s Gama Pahalwan(The Great Gama) was invited by the Nizam of Hyderabad and defeated all his fighters.

2. The Nizam then sent him to face the wrestler Balram Heeraman Singh Yadav(THE LION FROM HYDERABAD), who was never defeated by any wrestler in his career.

3. The fight was very long. Gama was unable to defeat Heeraman and finally the fight ended in a draw.



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