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Devayat Bodar Introduction

1. Devayat Bodar (900 AD – 1025 AD) was an important Yadav Warrior, known for his bravery, sacrifice and endless love towards his motherland, with the help of whom, Ra Navghan, King of Junagadh and father of Ra Khengar, had taken the throne of Junagadh.

2. He was born in the Ahir family of Alidar-Bodidar village of Junagadh in Gujarat.

3. He had two children named Uga (son) and Jahal (daughter) from Sonal. Devat Bodar sacrificed his own son Uga to save Ra Navghan from the Solanki king who dethroned and killed Ra Diyas, father of Ra Navghan. A maid of Ra Diyas handed the little child (Ra Navghan) of Ra Diyas to Devat Bodar. Devat Bodar promised that he would do whatever it takes protect Ra Navghan and to give back his kingdom of Junagadh.

4. Devat Bodar raised Ra Navghan and his own son Uga together till they reached at the age of 12. Someone informed King Solanki that Ra Navghan had been raised by Devat Bodar. Devat Bodar was brought to the king's court and was asked that whether the information is true or not. Devat Bodar understood the situation and replied positively. The king asked him to bring Ra Navghan. He wrote a famous encrypted message: "રા રાખી ને વાત કરજે આહિરાણી!" meaning "Oh! Ahirani talk but keep Ra!" to his wife Sonal. So his son instead of Ra Navghan is brought to the king, as no one could differentiate between Ra Navghan and Uga. The King tested him, by asking him to kill Ra Navghan (who was actually Uga) by his own hands. Devat Bodar cut off the head of his son, to prove that to the King that he was not his son but was Ra Navghan. The King was still not satisfied. So, he asked to bring Devat Bodar's wife Sonal and asked her to remove eyes from the head of dead Uga, keep it on ground, and walk on that eyes, without dropping even one drop of tear from her own eyes. As, it was such a cruel and hard test for a mother, but Sonbai did that, to prove that he was not her son. Finally, the king came to the conclusion that the person whose head was cut off was Ra Navghan. Within 10 years to this event, Ra Navghan was grown up to attack Solanki.

5. Devat Bodar who was a leader of his caste Ahir, called his fellow Ahirs to fight against king Solanki to de-throne him and give the throne of Junagadh to Ra Navghan, son of RaDiyas. Ahir caste warriors who are renowned for their valour and bravery fight a severe battle with king Solanki and at last, Solanki loses the battle. Ra Navghan was throned as King of Junagadh. "Ra" dynasty comeback as a ruling dynasty with the help of Ahirs.

6. Today there are two wells constructed by Ra Navghan in Junagadh UpperKot fort. Temple of Devat Bodar is also there at Bodidar village near Junagadh. Today many Bodars live in Gujarat (Specially in Kathiyawad). These Bodars are one of the clan of Devayat Bodar. From 24 April-1 May 2011 a huge function was organised by Bodars in honour of Devat Bodar at Bodidar village, and for changing the name of place Bodidar to Devayatgadh



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