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Kartavirya Arjuna Dattatreya

King Sashibindu

1. Sashibindu was from the same timeline as King Mandhata, the great grand father of king Dashrath and Ram.

2. In Sashibindu's leadership, the Kroshta Yadavs won many states which were earlier ruled by weak Puru dynasty's kings, in addition to some part of land from his brother Druhu's estates.

3. Shashibindu's daughter, Bindumati was married to Mandhata, however, they were great enemies.

4. King Mandhata won the Kanyakubj from Anu's dynasty along with parts of land from Pauravs and Druhavs.

5. The King of Druhavs, Gandhar, fled to what is now known as Afganistan and took shelter there.

6. Sashibindu, extended his empire to more and more states, as The states of Pauravs, Anuvs and Druhavs, became very unstable due to them fighting within themselves.

7. Therefore, all the lands from the sons of King Yayati and his second wife, Queen Sharmistha i.e. Puru, Anu and Druhu - were acquired by King Sahibindu and King Mandhata.

Kartavirya Arjuna

1. Kartavirya Arjuna (कार्तवीर्य अर्जुन), was a legendary king of an ancient Haihayas kingdom with capital at Mahishamati which is on the banks of Narmada River in the current state of Madhya Pradesh.

2. Kartavirya was son of Kritavirya, king of the Haihayas.

3. He is described as having a thousand hands and a great devotee of god Dattatreya.

Kartavirya Arjuna's Encounter with Parashurama

1. Kartavirya Arjuna and his army visited a rishi named Jamadagni, who fed his guest and the whole army with offerings from his divine cow Kamadhenu. The king demanded the cow for the betterment of his subjects; Jamadagni refused because he needed the cow for his religious ceremonies. King Kartavirya Arjuna sent his soldiers to take the cow. As the conflict developed among the Jamadagni and the King, Kartavirya Arjuna lost his cool and chopped off the head of Jamadagni.

2. When Parashurama (Jamadagni's son) returned to the hermitage,he was informed of the context by his mother. In revenge, Parashurama killed the entire clan of Kartavirya Arjuna and the King.

Kartavirya Arjuna's Encounter with Ravana

1. Kartavirya's power is popularly told in the Ramayana.

2. He was the contemporary of Ravana.

3. Once when Kartavirya Arjuna was having a bath in the river Godavari along with his wives, he stopped the force of the river with his thousand arms from both the sides.

4. Ravana (the Lord of Lanka), who was camping by the banks of the river was furious over this. Enraged, he challenged the former for a combat. Ravana was defeated and was put to humiliation. Then on request of his maternal grandfather Pulastya the great king Kartaviryarjuna released Ravana (the Lord of Lanka).

5. Another account states that when Ravana came "in the course of his campaign of conquest to Mahishmati (the capital of Kartavirya), he was captured without difficulty, and was confined like a wild beast in a corner of his city." The Vayu Purana states that Kartavirya invaded Lanka, and there took Ravana as prisoner.

King Satvatta

1. King Satvatta and Lavanasur were from the same time period as King Ram of Ayodha.

2. King Satvatta had six sons named Princes Bhajan, Bhajman, Divya, Devvardh, Andhak, Mahabhoj and Vrashni.

3. The dynasties of Satvatta, Andhak and Vrishni were known as "Satvatta Yadav", "Andhak Mahabhoj Yadav" and "Vrishni Yadav" respectively.

4. The Yadavs mainly had four states of which Andhak and Vrishni were most significant.

5. King Andhak's state was in Mathura and had two sons, Prince Kukur and Bhajman.

6. The generations of Kukur were Drashnu, Kapot-Rome, Devatta Viloman, Nal, Abhijit, Punarvasu and Ahuk.

7. Ahuk had two sons, Devak and Ugrasen.

8. Devak's daughter, Devaki was married to King Vasudev and gave us Lord Shree Krishna .

9. Ugrasen, King of Mathura had a son named Kans, who by force, dethroned his father from his kingdom and became the new king.

10. King Bhajman's generations included Vidurth, Rajdhidev, Shur, Shodashav, Shami, Pratikshrat, and Hridayak.

11. Hridayak had five sons named Kritvarma, Darvah, Devrath, Shatdhanva and Devgarbh.

12. The eldest son of Hridayak, Prince Kritvarma, in spite of being a Bhojvanshi, took Kauravs side during the great battle of Mahabharat.

13. His younger brother, Shatdhanva killed Shatrajeet, a Vrashni Yadav as well as father of Shree Krishna's Queen Satyabhama. Later Shree Krishna killed Shatdhanva.

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